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Becoming a man the hard way

Many of these organisations have rites of passage - or simple tricks - which are inflicted on men aspiring to be members of a closed group.

Some of these tricks are harmless, others are offensive and dangerous. Many have been handed down through the generations, sometimes literally from Father to Son.

These aren't punishments for specific misdeeds nor are they gratuitous sadistic hazing traditions.

Their function is to show that members of the group are different to those outside, to provide some fun for the existing members of the group and to take advantage of the naiveté and willingness to please of aspirants. Technical words often have double meanings. These initiation rites provide an insight into the camaraderie of closed societies.

Harrassment within military units is a different matter and is an illegal abuse of authority.

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Armed Forces, Trades and Craft Initiations Bulletin Board

Becoming a man the hard way

UK Army initiation experience

n 1986 I was initiated at an Army barracks in West Yorkshire. Back then I was a teacher and I took a group of army cadets from my school on a school trip to the barracks. For a joke the soldiers decided to give me an army initiation and for extra laughs they allowed the cadets to watch their teacher getting humiliated.
In the changing rooms I was forcibly stripped and pushed under a cold shower. I was then held down on a table black balled with bootpolish, pubes shaved off and stinging toothpaste sqeezed down my foreskin.
Looking ridiculous I was handcuffed to a tree outside the cadets barracks. I had to suffer taunts and gibes and photos being taken for an hour before the M.P.s eventually rescued me.
When I complained the army said it was just typical barrack room humour and I should get over it. They failed to see that as a teacher it was a totally different story for me and I suffered back at school. Because of the embbarrassment factor I didn't want to face an enquiry so let the matter drop.
Have you had any other reports like this one?
Please add it to your internet list there maybe a witness out there who was present at the army barracks back in 1986.

Crossing the line (Equator)

You mention"crossing the line (Equator)" tortures in the Australian Navy. I can remember autobiographies of North American merchant mariners found in the children's lending library that mentioned the officers in body paint, Neptune having the same dimensions as the captain, and the new victims having to drink something, or perform a simple physical feat, in one case, hopping across the deck. Afterwards, they got to wear one earring (a small gold ring worn in a pierced earlobe) as a sign that they had sailed in both hemispheres.

Commander E. J. Quimby in "Ida Was a Tramp" relates 3rd hand hearsay of crossing the International Date Line. The captain of a ship with passengers arranged to cross Westbound at exactly midnight December 31, 1899. He now had a shipload of people who if asked in court, "Where were you on January 1, 1900?", could truthfully answer, "Nowhere!", as it was January 2, 1900 (local time) when they reached the West side of the line!

Russian army hazings

I just read your message about Russian army hazings. I have never served in the Russian army but I know that it is incredibly brutal. There was an undercover documentary on British television some years back using secret cameras and microphones - there were beatings and hazing all the time it seems. The set up seems to be that all Russian males have to serve two years in national service. During the first year the new recruits get all the bullying and beatings from the kids who are doing their second and final year. When the first year kids get to do their second year they are so angry at the hazing they had received that they - in turn - start hazing the new batch of recruits. So it's institutional violence. And goes on year in and year out.
The officers who are there for life of course say they try to stamp out such hazing whenever they can. But - in the TV documentary - their efforts seemed very half hearted. The truth is they probably want to hazing to continue although they would never admit that publicly. The reason for this is not hard to seek. These green kids might find themselves on the battlefield one day in hand to hand combat so the tougher they are the better. In human terms we might object but from a military standpoint hazing and brutality is all to the good. If they can make these guys into mean tough sons of bitches then they are going to hate the enemy and kill without any mercy. So I suppose you could say that hazing and brutality is the best way to "make fighting men out of 'em".

Motorcycle club initiation: 'run and shooters'

Hi guy: surfed over your site for two yrs while in college, i was in a gay motorcycle club. As part of our induction, we had to have a large dildo in our ass to which a clamp like rod was attached. The rod swung up and separated our nuts; while at the same time put significant pressure on the prostate. Everyone was instantly hard when these were put up us, but we then had to wear a jock strap, keeping our cock pushed downward. It was not easy going on runs... the vibration of the bike and road was directly transmitted to our perineum, keeping us rigid. We all came spontaneously, sometimes several times if it was a long trip... the guys referred to us as 'run and shooters' for good reason. Never saw a bunch of hornier guys either...

Welcome bitch

In 1997 I served as an NCO in the army of a south European country. After my basic training I was sent to a unit at the northern border. The unit was not far from a big town, but was somewhat isolated. I had the bad luck of being the only "new" soldier amongst many "grandpas". I had only 2 months of service whereas they had 7-12 months! On arriving an NCO seargent welcomed me by saying "Welcome bitch". He ordered me to get on my knees and lick his dusty boots. We were a total of 40 NCOs and 5 officers. After 1500 the officers went home and NCOs seargents and corporals were on duty. That was my doom! For the next 4 months Ihad to clean up the whole complex of about 200 m2, polish all 40 pairs of boots, clean up the latrines and make the beds of the 6 "leaders". These were NCOs like me but "grandpas"; they were quite brutal and constantly humiliating me especially because I was a university graduate and 3 of them were farmers, 2 workers and 1 a former gang member. Every night I had to arm-wrestle one of them. Of course I stood no chance, so, I was "punished for being a weakling" by licking their boots in front of everybody else, or massage their huge muscles, wash their clothes, or they were using me as a "human horse".
The worst was what they did to me in private. They used an old disused bunker some 500 m. away from complex to satisfy their sadism. Every other night Iwas brought there by force, usually they dragged me naked and they abused me sexually, or whipped me, or beat me up with their boots (these were the standard issue military boots, but they had customed them with steel so that they were heavy and they clomped while they were walking. For a long time these boots haunted my sleep) or had me drink their piss and eat their shit.
Of course they had stripped me off my money, watch, cellphone etc. Ihad to hand my salary naked on my knees.
It was before Easter that some of us got a few days of leave. Ihad again bad luck. The one farmer and the gangster were also on leave. No sooner had we passed the camp's gate, than i saw them coming towards me. I ran, but didn't make it. For the next 6 days I was completely on their mercy...

Marine Honor Society hazing

After joining the Marine Honor Society, I was asked to initiate another pledge-a man. We decided to tie him by the ankles to a bo'son's mast, and pelt him with garbage. He was in his underwear, and the cord that attached to his feet ran up the back of his briefs. When he didn't want to lie there anymore, he wiggled out of his briefs, and ran naked back to the barracks to cheers and laughter.

Rugby "tour virgins" initiation

I used to play rugby for several teams and travelled the world playing against different teams. The players in the team changed regularly every few months so on our tours, there would usually be at least 1 tour "virgin" and over the first weekend of any tour the he would be forced to endure our initiation rituals.

It all started on the Friday night when we arrived. We always arrived on a Friday night because it was the most convenient for everybody. We'd find a suitable hostelry (in Australia or South Africa this is just about ANY place that serves alcohol but in New Zealand you've really gotta find the student hangouts) which was close to wherever we were staying and get our virgin 3/4 smashed by the simple expediency of ensuring that he drank 4 shots to every 1 of ours. While he was getting drunk, one or more of us would be chatting to the bar staff and the other customers to ensure that nobody objected to the sight of a hairy-arsed bloke running round the bar bollock naked.

When all the preliminaries were out of the way, the virgin would be grabbed, dragged to a suitably open area and stripped naked. His clothes would then be distributed around the customers of the bar and the hapless bloke would have no choice but to wander around the bar trading drinks from the bar for his clothes. He wasn't allowed to get dressed until he'd collected them all.

On the Saturday we would always have a match starting at midday. The virgin would be grabbed while in the shower before heading out to the match and forced to travel to the match completely naked. At the ground the poor bloke would have to get dressed on the sidelines, cheered on by the rest of us. After the match, we'd usually hook up with at least a few members of the opposing team and go out to a place they knew which, we would insist, had to have a pool table.

Pool is a great game. In the UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand (I don't know if it exists in any other country), we have this great tradition called "the 7-ball rule" whereby, if your opponent beats you before you've potted any of your balls (i.e. there are still 7 of your balls on the table) you have to perform a forfeit. In the UK, it's fairly minor and simply entails the loser running bare-arsed round the table 7 times. In the other 3 countries, there are usually lots of variations, specifically designed to poke (relatively harmless) fun at the loser.

Once again we would ensure that our virgin was liberally tanked-up before we 'discovered' that there was a pool table there. He'd be very merry, most of us would be almost sober. Naturally it would be arranged before the first game was played, that we would follow the local 7-ball traditions which would be a sliding scale from dropping trou, to full nudity. We also agreed that the loser would stay on the table, ostensibly because he needed the practice but in reality it was just to ensure that the virgin would suffer the full gamut of embarrassing forfeits :) Needless to say, he would play the first game against someone who had been determined to be a hotshot on the table and obviously he'd lose.

First dare: Drop your trousers and pants and run round the table 7 times bare-arsed, arms over your head.

Second dare: Trousers and pants completely off, held over your head, walk round the table 7 times while all the other blokes slap your bare arse as you pass them.

Third dare: Bollock naked, run round the table 7 times with a pool cue clutched between your butt cheeks. If it falls out at any point before you complete the circuit, you start again from scratch.

Fourth dare: Bollock naked, dip your cock in your pint, wiggle it around a bit, down the pint then run round the table 7 times.

Fifth dare: Bollock naked with 7 shots of Tequila lined up on a table. Dip your cock in one of the drinks, wiggle it around a bit, then down the drink. Then run round the table. Dip your cock in another shot, wiggle it around, down it and run round the table again - continue this until all 7 shots have been drunk.

Sixth dare: All the other players get their cocks out and wiggle them about in your drink. You down it then run round the table 7 times, bollock naked.

Seventh dare: You go to the bar bollock naked to buy a round of drinks for the other players.

Eighth dare: You strip bollock naked. You stay bollock naked until you've beaten every other player at least once. If the team decides to move on somewhere else before you've beaten every other player, you travel naked. As a general rule, most people who were still standing at this stage remained naked for the rest of the evening and of course they were allowed to gradually sober up so as to fully appreciate their situation :)

We also had another initiation which generally involved nudity and masturbation. Nobody was ever forced to do anything against their will but we found most players were willing to co-operate.

Jim, London

Hi John, writes David from Sydney, Australia

Browsing through various noticeboards and reminiscences on the Internet, I noticed there seems to have been a widespread use of grease in initiations amongst engineering shops but also amongst mining and other trades. Most seem to refer to earlier periods but I have seen a couple of references to the practice continuing in the 1980s and 1990s. Most of these references seem to be from the 1940s or 50s.

Grease and graphite

'For those who didn't have a engineering type apprenticeship knacker-lacquer was a celebration "present" for apprentices which basically consisted of stripping them stark naked and applying large amounts of the thickest stickiest grease anyone could find to their bollocks.' [UK]

Often a mixture of grease and graphite was used. Rubbing it off had the effect of further ingraining it in the skin.

'There was a ritual, where all apprentices were greased. This involved having your private parts greased with anything handy, generally the thick grease used to pack bearings. Every apprentice had this done at least once in their initiation.' [UK]

'I spent half my working life in engineering. I had my courting tackle covered in grease for giving cheek with the promise of a covering of marking out blue if I didn't mend my ways.. ' [UK]

'The afternoon when the foreman was not about, I was suddenly got hold of and pinned to the floor. Before I knew it I was stripped of my clothes and then blackened all over with plumber's smudge. This was a black paste that was used normally to spread on lead pipes to avoid solder clinging to the surface. I didn't cry out, for it was useless. The paste clung to me for days before I finally managed to rid myself of it.' [UK]

'Back in the early fifties when I was serving a ground engineer's apprenticeship with Qantas in Sydney. Pilobond was the adhesive of choice for fabric repairs on cabin furniture in DC-3's and 4's etc. Another somewhat sinister use was, when mixed with equal parts of graphite grease, smearing it on unmentionable areas of first year apprentices as a form of initiation.'

'Where I grew up, there was a large newspaper printing works about a mile away and right beside a busy road. Every year there'd be a couple of printers apprentices who'd qualify and finish their apprenticeships or "hammering out" as it's called. The initiation ceremony involved stripping them naked, covering them in grease in various mystical designs and then tying them to the streetlight outside the factory for the passing car drivers to honk their horns at! Then when they walked on to the factory floor everybody would bang their hammers on their desks to show he was a qualified member of staff.. but with greased bollocks' [UK]
And lastly a Prank:

'When I was an apprentice patternmaker a trick played that used to get all the apprentices:
As any one that has used shellac would know that methylated spirits is used to dissolve shellac. The trick was that you would get the apprentice to stick a large funnel in his belt in front of his stomach and get him to tip his head back and put a penny (pre decimal currency) on his forehead and then tip the penny into the funnel. You would be allowed to have a couple of attempts at it while everyone was standing around so as to distract the apprentice. On his third attempt while he had his head tipped back some one would tip half a bottle of methylated spirits down the funnel. Man did that make him jump when the metho hit his unlacquered knackers.' [Australia]


While I've seen 'blackballing' referred to in one Australian source as a 'once well-known military ritual' it's nevertheless hard to come across actual examples. Below are a couple of references to blackballing in the US armed forces:

'I served with an officer who was accused of sexual assault while an Air Force Academy cadet. He was a member of the last wholly male Academy class, which was graduated in 1979 (the Last Class With Balls). His offense: He continued a squadron tradition of blackballing a cadet (dragging the honoree into the shower and painting his testicles black) on the occasion of his twenty-first birthday. The tradition was adapted for the fairer sex by painting their butts. My friend was charged with, as I recall, third-degree sexual assault until the Academy intervened and substituted its own punishment for criminal prosecution. Here's the kicker: The woman who complained had herself participated in blackballing men!'

'In 1994, ABC broadcast videotapes documenting sado-sexual hazing practices in the elite Marine Corps silent drill team, during "Hell Night," the culmination of a gruelling training program. The videos showed a team leader painting military shoe polish containing toluene, a caustic and hazardous substance, on the genitals of a new drill team member.'

The first blackballing anecdote is lifted from while the second anecdote comes from

Subj: Horse race jockey first race win Initiation

There's a tradition in the US of jockeys who win their first race being doused with ice cold water or sometimes 'painted' with shoe polish or tabasco sauce. In a recent example of this a racetrack worker who's horse won for the first time had his genitals and buttocks 'painted' with heated shoe polish and rubbing alcohol. There's a description of this at

Subj: Taking a shine to the supervisor

I've also come across a Canadian recollection of 1943 which describes workers taking revenge on a supervisor by blacking him with shoe polish It interested me as an early example of ball blacking. I just find it's interesting to know that these practises occurred in the past even though generally, but not surprisingly, there seems to be little recorded. It's on page 2 of

Subj: A very fishy swim

My mate had just acquired a job in the fishing industry about six years ago. He was getting to know his workmates and settled right in.
On one of his first trips out on the bay, he noticed his new "mates" whispering to each other, glancing mischievously at him.
At first he thought they were making fun of him, but he soon thought otherwise when they grabbed one of the small fish they had caught and ordered him to eat it. The fish was still flopping around in his workmates hands. He was forced to eat the live fish whole (excluding the bones). He was then stripped to his boxers and forced to swim around the boat five times, and they said they would leave him there to swim back to shore if he didn't. He did what he was told, and afterwards they bought him beers all night at the local pub and accepted him as a "true" fisherman.

Contributed by Aaron Melbourne, Australia

Subj: Car scrapyard initiation

One year ago a friend was working at a scrap yard. He was initiated after one week. They tied him up in the front seat of a car and blindfolded and they put a helmet on him, he told me that he was literally shitting himself!
They picked the car off the ground with a magnet on a crane and they told him that he was 50+ meters in the air. Then they dropped him, when the untied him he punched the boss in the mouth and went home. The next day he went back and the boss said sorry; the boss asked if he had shit himself, he said "yeah".

Contributed by shifty, England

Subj: Manhattan Fish Market

New York City, 2002: when you first start to work at the South Street Fish Market - just about a mile straight up from the Staten Island Ferry Port in Manhattan, there was a strange initiation kept to this day "just between us guys".
The new hire was turned over or bent over - sometimes with his pants up or with his pants yanked down, but rarely ever done bare assed. You got spanked with one of the dead fish - usually a big fat old tuna.
The guys would take turns hold the fish by its head and gills and spanked your ass with its tail end. How many whacks you got depended on the mood of the guys giving you the whacks - there was no set number.
Usually the younger workers gave it to the new hire much more then the older working men. After it was all over the workers would toss you - pants down if that's how you got your whacks (which it always was because they loved to humiliate you and make fun of you in your drawers)- into a pile of stinking fish.
Then quite often, they tore off your pants and left you to go home in nothing but your fishy smelling underwear (but one of the workers had already been chosen to driven you home).
They would hang your pants out to dry, and I remember one poor guy (about 19 years old) didn't take his buddy's advise and where white jockey style drawers. The workers used that excuse to make the spanking that much worse - and not only did they take his pants from him, but his underwear as well.

Contributed by Nick, Brooklyn, New York

Subj: Bakery Flouring and Prover Initiation for new dough-boy

We had a new baker start last week and he wants to be "one of the boys", now we don't do anything silly but we are not sure of his intentions. He seems like he just wants to be one of us, but little does he know what is involved in becoming a doughboy, especially with us!

One day near the end of the late shift he was called over by the master baker and he was put into one of the provers wearing only this bakery whites where the doors were then sealed shut. Now these provers work at temperatures of 42°C at 94% humidity, so you soon start sweating.He was left in there for a while, then we then opened the door and covered him in flour, these provers are dark so he hadn't got his bearings when we done it...

The door was shut and he was left to sweat again. When he was sweating well we turned the prover over: this sets it on retard at 1°C. He started to get cold after about ten mins of this we let him out and asked him if he enjoyed it, he said "Yes!" What a fool! So we blindfolded him and returned him to where he came for more treatment. This time he was covered in (very) cold water which this had the effect of bringing his nipples to attention, which surprised us as we had no idea he would like this. He got more of the same.

When we opened the doors again he was begging for mercy saying he would do anything we asked. We all then got into the prover and removed his trousers and doused his genitals in cold water, he shrieked in more delight than pain!

We were aware he had been eyeing us up at times and we decided he couldn't go home like he was so he was told he would be taken to the master baker's house for cleaning. Again he said "Yes", and "What does that involve?" he asked all innocently, "You'll have to wait and find out" we replied.

By the time we got him there he had a massive erection in anticipation so we left him tied to a post in the yard. Later we went and got him, he was now all placid. We blindfolded him and washed him down with a power hose; he enjoyed that so we stripped off his tunic and scrubbed him. Unfortunately he was enjoying it more so we stopped and let him dry off a bit and removed him to the house for drying.

When inside we removed the blindfold; his eyes were popping out at the sight he was seeing: a fully-equipped playroom and four guys up for it! By now he had guessed he was the meat for the evening! The new doughboy was tied to the sling where he had to obey our every wish, later he was asked what he needed to do to be one of us he said fuck every one of us well this is not what we had in mind but if he wanted to do it we would oblige but only after we had finished with him.

We asked him what do you do to doughnuts? He said Eat them, but we had other ideas! We said how do you make them he said and after frying them off you either sugar/ring or jam them, exactly we said. So he started to be ringed by us, later we sugared him which then left us only one thing to do which you've guessed was to fill the doughnuts with "jam".

He thought we were going to do that but the jam we were going to use was warm and white He obeyed us into our favourite positions and one by one he was filled with our jam; all the cocks were over 6 inches long so the depth of entry varied but he did gasp at the master baker's as he was a massive 10 inches with a girth of 6 inches, he was treated by him rough which he enjoyed...

When we had all finished we were all treated to a fuck by the new-boy. When this was done he was told he had entry to our club.

There have been many occasions since when we have enjoyed each other, but news is we have another new boi starting soon and he is already being lined up for a special as we know he is gay and not out - he made the mistake of telling the last new boi that on his induction so we are all ready for him! Our last new boi can't wait so he can enjoy the welcoming of a new doughboy...

Contributed by Kicker, Bristol, England

Subj: Garage Mechanics Initiation for new Spare Parts Man

When I was looking for some work to take me through a rough patch, I contacted an old mate of mine who recommended me to a mate of his who owned a garage. The garage owner told me that he expected me to dress smart even though I was only working in the spare parts section. On my first day there I was keen to impress and prove I was one of the lads and not the jumped up student they thought I was, dressed in a shirt, tie and black trousers.

The five young mechanics in the garage told me that if I was to fit in, I had to endure an initiation ceremony. This I agreed to after much persuasion i.e. not being allowed to have my lunch with the lads at the local pub, until I had undergone the initiation.

The initiation happened after work on the following Friday night but I insisted that my brother-in-law attended to provide his help if needed. This was agreed by the lads. That Friday night my sister's young husband arrived and was told to sit in a corner of the garage while the initiation was carried out. This he did while laughing viciously.

At approximately 7 p.m. I was summoned by the lead mechanic to the back of the garage. This guy was tall and blond and was a midfielder for the local football team. When I reached the back of the garage, the lead mechanic grabbed me while two other workmates hoisted me in the air as they began to pull open my laces and take off my black shoes. While they did this, my brother-in-law was called to come and unzip my trousers which he did, I hasten to add, without a second thought. He then pulled them off over my West Ham football socks, which up to then, I hoped the mechanics would not notice I was wearing (this was because they were all Spurs fans).

I cursed the bastard for taking my trousers off and the mechanics felt that my brother-in-law should be punished too for his collaboration with them against a family member. I laughed as my 25 year old brother-in-law was grabbed, stripped bollock naked and tied face to face to me. Despite his protests, the mechanics rubbed wintergreen all over our privates which brought erections to both our manhoods and forced us to kiss each other, tongues and all. My brother-in-law and I were obviously embarrased but had to kiss with the promise we would be untied and released on doing this.

True to their word, the mechanics released both of us after pushing us on the street outside the garage and throwing our clothes and shoes after us. The good thing is it taught my brother-in-law a lesson not to comply with others always

Contributed by Steve, London

Subj: Newspaper hot metal typesetting

Novice apprentices were shown how to write their name in print using the Linotype machine that was usually operated by a long time served elder of the Shop. When the block popped out of the machine, the new 'prentice was offered his name in print: "Hold out your hand" said the old lag, placing the hot metal block squarely in the outstretched palm. The 'prentice found name burnt in the palm of his hand....

contributed by David of Redhill, UK

Subj: Blackballing in a print shop

I did see a blackballing of a print 'prentice years ago, his wrists were secured to heavy tables before his overalls were taken down to round his knees and black printer's ink rubbed thoroughly into his bollocks. from Dave of London

..blackballing was an occasional event...sometimes because men were leaving, other times because apprentices were joining. Colin of Strathfield, NSW, Australia

Subj: Clydebank Shipyard Overtime

My first Saturday as a shipyard metalwork apprentice I heard hammering noises coming from apart of the shop that wasn't yet being worked on. The gaffer wasn't looking so I went to satisfy my curiosity. I found my fellow apprentice stripped to the waist and surrounded by the older welders. I found myself grabbed by some of them and pinned against the wall next to my mate. A couple of the master welders fired up their welding torches and expertly applied metal bands across our wrists and ankles, imprisoning us against the hull of the ship. We were hosed down with fire hoses and beaten up a bit. Then they cracked open some beer bottles, swigged some and emptied more over our heads. We were truly helpless for the rest of the Saturday shift. I'll never forget my first day's overtime!

Contributed by Richard of Hampshire, UK.

Subj: Initiations in Fire Service training

Among many true and maybe not-true stories about the fire services, there seems to be a persistent theme of turing fire hoses on rookies, with excuses including "checking the waterproofness" of their kit.

Subj: South African army ball blacking

In the 1980s conscripts the South African army who were thought of as effeminate were stripped naked and had their balls blacked with boot polish.  They were then paraded before others in the company as a means of humiliating them.  When trying to track this reference down again I came across a passing mention of soldiers at Denbury Camp (UK) being subjected to the boot polish treatment in the 1960s.
I don't know whether boot polish is misused amongst today's young guys but it seems to have been a fairly widespread practice 30-40 years ago.  I wonder just how far it goes back.  The earliest references I've come across are both fictionalised accounts from the early 1940s. One of these is in a novel, thinly disguised, of the UK training ship Indefatigable and is probably based on actual experiences. I guess the misuse of boot polish goes back to when it was invented.

Boot polish was not of course as bad as printer's ink that one of your correspondents mentions.  I recall hearing of a guy who, somewhat cruelly, had was 'black balled green' on his bucks night - that is he had his balls coated with green printers ink which I gather takes a while to wear off.

Contributed by David of Sydney, Australia

Subj: Hazing Rituals in US Military Are Common

Despite top brass claims that the "blood pinning" of Marine paratroopers isn't tolerated, hazing occurs in every branch of the US military.
Interviews with several American service men and women reveal that, like college fraternity initiation rites, hazing has grown from unofficial rituals to sometimes violent traditions - and their superior officers know it.

Full story as published February 11, 1997

Subj: Collective Punishments in the Swedish Army

An article tells about a dog-training unit, real ones with four legs. That as an initiation a dog trainer is forced to eat canned dog food while being photographed smiling...

Another article tells about a silly recruit having forgotten his weapon during inspection. Which his Officer in command of course found out. The Officer in command lets another Commander hide the weapon without the recruit knowing of it. The recruit was later ordered to take cover giving the impression this was part of the exercise. Immediately the Commander placed a dog collar and leash around the neck of the recruit. The recruit was then forced into playing good doggy seeking out for his forgotten weapon showing all his comrades which a dog he really was. When finally having found his weapon he was ordered to raise his leg in pretending to pee on the weapon and say "woof".
The article doesn't tell if the recruit got a piece of sugar or not... in the article this form of punishment is described as often being used in humiliating bad recruits.

Still another article tells about an exercise during which the recruits were forbidden to use the inside toilets (as the pipes were said to be being bad...). One recruit was caught using the inside toilet which lead to the whole force being forbidden to use the showers for five days (to let the pipes rest...).
Later on the same exercise the recruits were collectively forced into emptying there thermoses to make sure they only contained the allowed warm water...unfortunately it was found out that some thermoses contained something which was thought to be soup. The Officer in Command therefore decided to let all the recruits proceed with empty thermoses to bring them all on the same level.

The same article tells about the same Officer having forced another recruit to by hand sew up his trouser pockets when caught having his hands in them.

The report of the study of Collective Punishments in the Swedish Army (Based on asking 500 randomised recruits)

Many recruits tell about a collective punishment commonly used:
When one recruit is late for an instruction all the others have to clean the barrack square while the recruit having messed up is given a rest, which later hopefully lead to humiliating and punishment from his comrades.

Other Punishments (mostly individual)
- Physical (beating with stick)
- Forced to stay in stress position
- 250 push-ups in case of losing materials
- Punishment running if not up to records
- If losing materials in connection with the weapon the recruit is forced to always carry his weapon, and extra (mostly physically) punished if caught not doing so.
- Forbidden to sleep with pillow and covering
- Forced to make beds for superiors
- Forced to clean up (one recruit tells about being forced to clean up the barrack square during heavy rain)

Most of the articles have been published in connection to law suits against the Army and it's always fun to read about the court or military experts explaining why the Officers or Army should go free. Like the forbidden showering where the Officer was promoted having taking care of those bad pipes...

Re. the dog training thing: it's just about to go up in court, but both the Army and the Army Psychology regard the incident as not being punishment or humiliation...but a pedagogical and effective (good...) way of training the recruits to always be just a recruit...and what would have happened to the recruit if this had been in war...the Psychologist asks ?!

Contributed by Drillrecruit, Sweden E-mail him for more details

Subj: Stores

Sending an apprentice to the stores for a ficticious or embarrassing item is another trick:

Subj: RMAS cadet pranks

When I went to the RMAS the trick was to wheel the cannon in front of Old College across the square (it has a slight slope) during the night, alcohol having been taken, of course. This enterprise required a number of participants (cannon are quite heavy) but presented rather more of a problem for the authorities to get them back up the slope again the following morning.
I understand that this has been done by generations of cadets. We did not go quite as far as the Victorian cadets, however, who, having been trained in siege techniques, mutinied. They barricaded themselves on the wooded hill near the Chapel, and only gave up after the personal intervention/request of the Queen (I mean the real one).

Since then the officers at the Academy have lived (not quite literally) with the Cadets, rather than having sleeping accommodation in the Officers' Mess, which is only a dining room/ante room.

Subj: Bizarre training at Springbok Camp Staaldraad

Springbok players were forced to strip naked and ordered around at gunpoint in a bizarre effort to prepare them for the 2003 Rugby World Cup, the Johannesburg-based Sunday Times has claimed.

"Despite being sworn to secrecy, two players have talked about the three-day 'Camp Staaldraad' (Camp Steel Wire) that took place at a location some two hours drive north of Pretoria in September," the newspaper said in a front-page article on Sunday.

"On arrival, the players were made to strip naked and leopard-crawl across gravel before getting dressed and repeating the exercise," it said.

"Later, the players were ordered naked into a freezing lake to pump up rugby balls underwater. Players who tried to get out, among them captain Corne Krige, were allegedly pointed back at gunpoint," the Sunday Times said.

Subj: Football Club dirty socks, underwear and towel whipping Initiation

Football team initiation, wrote: A friend and I joined a football team last year and were told on joining there would be an initiation which we agreed to.
The night of the initiation came around and we were told we must strip naked which we did. We then had to drink a pint of urine each, with each member of the team having contributed to each pint. After that we were forced to wear used pants on our head and have a used sock in our mouths.
We were towel whipped by each member of the team and had to kiss the feet of each person.
Then we were let into the team and new members had to perform the same initiation.

Subj: Football Club feet in face Initiation

When I was 18 I joined a local football team in Sutton, South London. After the first game we went to one of the lad's houses for a few drinks. His parents were away and we all got a bit drunk.
After a while I was told that all the new guys had a test to pass to show they were tough enough to be in the team. I was asked to lie on the floor which I did. The biggest lad then sat on my chest and invited all the guys, one by one, to take their trainers off and put their sweaty feet in my face! I was told if I decided not to go through with the initiation they would make me leave the team. So I ended up having unbelievably smelly feet in my face for an hour.
I found out later that the guys had been asked to wear their football socks for six games! I got through it, but it was the worst hour of my life!

Subj: Rugby Club Initiations

An initiation that we had when I played rugby was to be stripped, held down and a frozen mars bar put up your arse, when it was up you had to run around the pitch, naked, twice and then you could shit the mars - bets were taken on how much it would have melted.
I have had toothbrushes, dildos and a twelve inch cock belonging to a tight head prop up my arse over the years as initiations - the latter happended at the Benidorm sevens in the early nineties in front of about ten other blokes - all cheering and all telling me afterwards how much it hurt when they had it done to them - and no the club was not gay, not a school or university side but a town in the north east of England.

Subj: Another Rugby Club Initiation

When I used to play Rugby, just outside London, we had this ritual that any new guy joining the first team had to go through.
After the "Wasp" (new guy) had played his first game for the team, we would take him out for a few drinks at our local pub.
At the pub we would introduce our "Wasp" to the pub landlord who was the brother of our team captain and also used to play for our team when he was younger. The purpose of this introduction was when a "Wasp" was introduced personally it meant he was there for his initiation. The landlord was always advised prior to the initiation to make sure the upstairs function room was available for the day.
After we had got our "Wasp" very drunk, we would take him upstairs to the pub function room telling him that we were going upstairs to show him our old team photo albums. One of the lads (usually the captain) would bring two pairs of rugby socks with him upstairs. The reason for this, you will read further down on this page. This was quite believable as he knew the Pub Landlord was an ex-player. This was where the fun began.

Just to give you an idea of what the room looked like, it was very dark with the curtains always closed (for intiation purposes). It also had a full size snooker table and seating for up to twenty people. Once we had entered the room, we turned the lights on, locked the door and the team would encircle the "Wasp". The "Wasp" was then suddenly grabbed by team and hoisted in the air to give him "the bumps". Sometimes the "Wasp" would even vomit while we were bumping him.
As he was being given "the bumps" two of the players would pull off his shoes. When "the bumps" had finished we held the "Wasp" on the floor and the captain would produce one pair of rugby socks to gag our new player. When the gag was in position, we would pounce on the shoeless "Wasp" while he was still on the floor and strip him bollock naked. A plastic groundsheet (used for camping) was then produced from under the snooker table and placed on top of it.
The naked "Wasp" was then lifted on to the groundsheet-covered snooker table and held down by his arms and legs by his fellow players while two other lads covered his bollocks in "Deep Heat"(for Americans that's Ben Gay). The effect of this was it would give the "Wasp" an instant erection. Once the "Wasp" was erect, another rugby sock was placed over his erection. Someone would then turn off the lights in the room leaving it in total darkness. This was to create fear in the "Wasp" as to what was about to happen next.
The "Wasp" was at this stage usually trying to wrestle free but all to no avail. Though the next bit seems totally perverse, it is tame compared to other rugby "initiations" I have heard about. The "Wasp" would suddenly feel up to fifteen pairs of hands sexually rubbing all over his body with him being wanked off into a rugby sock by all of the team in turn until he climaxed. The "Wasp" was then released and the lights were turned back on again. Some "Wasps" tried to fake it but they were put back on the table until they came.

The purpose of the initiation was to provide greater bonding within the team. This also generally stopped the players playing around with other players girlfriends as no player would like to have his mate say that he had wanked him off to a prospective girlfriend. During my short time with this club (two years), I had been the victim and taken part in nine of these initiations.

Subj: Hockey Club Training Night Rituals

The hockey players were told to do pushups and positioned on the floor so that their genitals would dip into cups of beer; whoever did the fewest pushups had to drink both beers. Their genitals (mine included) were completely shaved before this ritual.
Players also were blindfolded and told to lie face-up on the floor with their tongues out, as another naked person sat on their faces.

Contributed by Jack from Canada

Subj: University Jocks Training Night Rituals

I'm French but I study in USA: I was having a shower after a student tournament. It was a very important sports meeting because every jock of the University took part in this event. I was 21 but the oldest students were 30 years old. When I finish showering three big and strong guys (with a strange smile) approached me. They had on only jockstraps so I thought they wanted to have a shower. I asked them "What do you want?"
Then they grabbed me by arms and legs. I was immobilized: I was able to move only the head.
They exhibited me to all the people that were in the locker room drawing their attention singing all together. I was naked. Than they carried me in the bath. There were many other guys. So they picked me up and then dunked my head in the toilet while it was being flushed. They dumped my head in the toilet at least 20 times! Luckily, it was not so dirty, so it wasn't a big problem. While they sank my head in the water, a group of four guys tortured my exposed genitals. They squeezed and hit my balls, then they jerked, twisted and slapped my cock, finally they tore my pubic hair. All the guys were laughing and applauding. Every two immersions they make me breathing. I had to repeat shouting all what they said: "I have to kiss your cock! I want it!"
During the last two immersions, another student shaved all my pubic hair with an electric razor.
I was exhausted and my genitals were shaved and reddened. However, the ritual was not finished. They obliged me to give a little kiss to their penises. I kissed about eight cocks. I was furious.
I understood this was a ritual. In fact, I met many jocks with shaved genitals having showers.
The only part that can be changed is the last one. Usually, the strong guys can force you to make other humiliating actions: licking their armpits (before showering!), massaging their naked buttocks, drying their sweated feet with your long hair, sniffing their dirty jockstraps for at least two minutes, making pushups and using you as a carpet an so on.
However, after this ritual they respected me and we are become good friends. I became a man.

Contributed by Frenchman Julius, studying in the USA.

Subj: Soccer team rituals

I play soccer every week. All the boys of my team are 23. I love this sport even if there is a disgusting ritual in my team. After an important match, the players who made the worst performance have to kneel down and take off the best players socks.
You know that the smell of sweated feet is terrible, especially after a long match. When good players are barefoot (and many times they are naked), bad boys have to lick and swallow at least one foot making it "clean". Often the team decides they have to "clean" both feet.

In fact, the entire team looks at this ritual, which takes at least five minutes. All the boys that look at this moment enjoy it because it's very funny to see the faces and the expressions of the boys licking feet.
Usually they put a little of ice cream on the feet, in order to make this rituals less disgusting. However, if the worst players made a horrible match we do not use ice cream.

All the team agrees. It is not an abuse. In fact, when you lick one's sweated feet, you do not forget the punishment and you try to play better next matches.

Every team has its own ritual. This one isn't so bad. I know that other coaches makes the worst player running naked during the first training after the match.

contributed by Michael in the UK

Subj: Beltings in the Russian army

I had the opportunity to serve in Russian Army for two years in 1987 - 1989 and have witnessed a lot of beltings in the Army.

The usual thing was, that after every half year of service, all the soldiers got belted by the so called "grandpas" - the soldiers, who had served most and were released home. Every soldier got as many swats with the soldiers' belt on bare bottom, as many weeks he had served the Army.

This was a special procedure. Around midnight, "grandpas" alined all the other soldiers up in the barracks all wearing only their pants. The youngest was stripped naked, and he had to read the relesing order out loudly standing on the stool or table. After that the belting began. Each soldier had to strip naked, lie on the stool and take the swats.

Belting was also used by sergents to behave the soldiers. Of course, it was all unlegal, but everybody knew that and accepted it, because this kept the younger soldiers in line.

contributed by Margus E-mail him for more details

Subj: Candle initiation in the army

In the army all the new recruits were stripped and lined up. The "Masters " shoved a candle up your arse and lit it. You had to stand up for a while, this was called the Olympic flame ceremony.

Then you had to walk and do some exercices, if you dropped the candle you had to finish the game with the candle in your mouth.

Also one of the games consisted in crossing the swimming pool with a candle up your arse. If you managed to cross the pool without putting off the candle you won. if not you had to be used as a candlestick all night, standing up on a stool in the middle of the room with the lit candle in your arse.

contributed by Nic in London

Subj: More Swedish Initiations & Punishments

Cock inspection & Headshaving

Some recruits tells about being taken down in the cellar during initiation week having to strip naked and being inspected and registred according to cocksize and behaviour of cock. Afterwards all the recruits have been buzzed and headshaved, this is usually called the free forced headshave. Afterwards cocksize inspection have been repeated every week and the winner have been granted to wear a big wood cock round his neck until next inspection.

The bird
Swedish military media reports of the forbidden bird punishment, i.e. a recruit who have lost his weapon is forced to climb a tree and pretend to be a bird. The recruit have to stay up in the tree sounding and acting like a bird until all the commanding officers having decided which type of bird the recruit actually is. Usually this takes at least 15 minutes or more depending of the effort and eager from the bird.

Afterward the recruit get his bird nickname to make him remember his faults.

The auction

Swedish military media reports of a common method of punishing the recruits who have lost or forgotten items during exercises. When the exercises is finished during gathering of the recruits the commanding officers show items that have been found by them, and asks for the owner of the item. When the owner is found he have to buy back his possesion. Mostly the price is 30 or more push-ups depending of what have been lost.

When all the recruits have gotten their items back and paid the price the commading officers punish the lot for having taken part of an auction despite this is forbidden. The punishment is always collective and quite hard. Some recruits tells of having been forced to carry a patrol boat of rubber several kilometers while being harassed by the officers.

Contributed by Drillrecruit, Sweden E-mail him for more details

Subj: USMC initiations

US Marines Busted For Parachute Sabotage, September 2002 - parachute lines cut forcing airborne Marines to ditch main chute and use reserve chute. Was it an initiation routine that went way too far?

Subj: Blood Pinning and Blood Wings: illegal initiations in the US Army Airborne and Airborne Marines paras

Blood Pinning: 10 Marines to be disciplined for 'blood-winging' incident - USMC in Korea (1993), Camp Lejeune, California (1991)

Wings are the metal badges earned after ten parachute jumps. So-called Blood Wings are pinned without protection on the chests of Marines and Army Airborne personnel. The pins on the metal wings badges enter the flesh of the chest; the ritual can leaves scars which are sometimes covered over by a tattoo of the crest of the regiment or Corps.
The Blood Pinning ritual is specifically prohibited by US military law but there are persistent reports that some superiors turn a blind eye.

Subj: Foot and boot licking initiation

I rushed a frat in my first year of university. After a few beers, I was taken downtown where I was told to go up to stranger and ask to lick his boots. If he said yes, I had to do it. If he said no we had to go back to the frat where I was to obey all commands by the brothers regarding their feet. The man they picked felt very awkward and wouldn't let me lick his boots. I was taken back to the frat, tied to a chair where they took turns making me do various things to their feet including kissing their feet, licking their feet, putting their feet in my mouth, asking to have their socks stuffed in my mouth, etc. they all had very smelly feet. There was a party afterward. They left me tied up and charged any guests that wanted me to lick their feet. it was pretty brutal.
By the end of the night, I must have kissed and licked about 50 pairs of feet.

Contributed by Dave, Toronto

Further contributions welcome